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Letterpress Turorial

We had a fun and very informative full day follow-up tutorial with Tom & Lee, who will be teaching their students letterpress this upcoming Fall semester. Good luck with the Club and cranking up the Clare press! I’m sure it will be fabulous.





Consults, Custom Business Cards, Wedding Invitations, Portfolio Sheets

The Studio continues to be busy with many projects, jobs, classes, and consults.  A few here:

Portfolio Title Pages printed letterpress for photographer Tom Grill for a suite of prints in an edition of 20. 2-color black with a custom mixed grey.


Sarah & Phil chose a horizontal design by their friend, for their wedding invitations, letterpress printed on a thick, textured watercolor paper, with a dark pink and blind emboss.  It is quite modern and elegant with gold edging

SarPhilCardsGoldEdge\ SarPhilBlindEm

Mindy Belloff printed 1500 business cards, 2-sided for Big Foote Music + Sound, based in New York City and Sao Paulo.


We had a private business consult with Priscilla, visiting NYC from Brazil.  She acquired a German press with goals of starting her letterpress business for wedding invitations and Mindy Belloff got her on the right track to get her press in working order and multiple tips for setting up and printing with plates from digital designs.


Letterpress DIY

Classes and tutorials last month. Letterpress FUNdamentals coming up on Saturday, April 27 and Intro class to be scheduled soon!







New Website + Upcoming Workshops at the Studio!

Our NEW site is NOW Launching! Please bear with us for a few days while it gets settled in and finalized.  StudioOnTheSQ will now be redirected to and the New will be completed in the coming week.

New Workshop Dates: Do It Yourself in Letterpress! 
Amazing classes in Letterpress Printing, the Art of the Book, & Bookbinding with Mindy Belloff, coming up:

Set type & print your own invite + reply cards in elegant letterpress!

with Mindy Belloff (Letterpress – All Levels)
one-day Saturday, 10:00AM-3:30PM February 23
$160 plus $40 studio fee
In this intensive you will have a block of time to print with metal and wood type. Create beautiful note cards, print a quotation, and work on an art poster – all in one day! Increase your knowledge of operating a Vandercook proof press, learning composition, inking and impression. A great way to begin or extend your letterpress journey, and sign up for future independent class sessions.

with Mindy Belloff (Prints/Letterpress All Levels)
Sunday 10:00AM-3:00PM February 24
$150 plus $40 materials fee
Create an image and print an edition in one day! Using a linoleum relief block, learn secrets for carving your image & print it in 1 or 2-colors in perfect registration on our letterpress. Image printing is demystified in this one-day workshop, as you create a print series in the studio. You will also be shown the “green” way to create additional images at home for your art prints and greeting cards.

with Mindy Belloff (Beginning Letterpress)
Saturday March 16 2:30-5PM
Do It Yourself! Set real type & print personalized cards! Learn the elegant printing of the 15th century letterpress. You will hand set real metal type, understand the origins of our alphabet, learn press lock-up, & printing, as you run your own small edition on our vintage Vandercook Uni III. A great introduction to printing beautiful impressions! You will go home with a set of at least a dozen personalized notecards in type you set and printed yourself!

Starting out 2013 in style with Letterpress

We began the new year with a tutorial for our youngest student yet! Carlton was in NYC with his 3 children and wanted to complete their winter vacation with a special visit to Intima Press.  Ages 9, 12 & 14, all three learned about metal type from Gutenberg to the Declaration of Independence printing from 1777 and Mindy Belloff’s recreation in 2009. They all set type and received copies of their text in letterpress, while Mindy also consulted with their Dad on setting up a hobby press for the kids and a serious letterpress shop for his own business venture.



Our first wedding invitation of 2013, Ian designed his and his sweetheart’s initials to have the look and feel of wood type, printed in red, underneath a bold black contemporary design. Mindy had fun consulting with the couple and printing both runs on press. They look great!




Holiday Letterpress Tutorials

We had fun, productive letterpress classes this month, creating holiday cards and great Private tutorials with more to come.   2012 was filled with a variety of students, art projects, business stationery, custom wedding invitations, unique books and broadsides, and awesome adventures in elegant letterpress!

We look forward to a creative New Year in 2013!

Best, Mindy Belloff






DIY Letterpress: NY Wedding and Hong Kong Printers!

Ilaria was visiting NYC from Hong Kong (by way of Italy!) and came in for a private tutorial.  Mindy Belloff provided lots of historical information as well as instruction on hand type setting.  With Mindy’s guidance, Ilaria printed two lovely sets of stationery cards.  She is trying to save an historic print shop in Hong Kong and will use this knowledge to help the printer (and maybe even get to use the table top presses).  We are looking forward to receiving some images of the “characters” in their print shop!


Penny & Thom had their second session of DIY Wedding Invitations.  They are a great couple and are enjoying every minute of planning and setting each letter of type for their special announcement.  With Mindy’s close guidance, they have designed a lovely square for the main invite in Caslon typeface.



We’ll update their progress in a few weeks once they choose their paper and go to press!