Starting out 2013 in style with Letterpress

We began the new year with a tutorial for our youngest student yet! Carlton was in NYC with his 3 children and wanted to complete their winter vacation with a special visit to Intima Press.  Ages 9, 12 & 14, all three learned about metal type from Gutenberg to the Declaration of Independence printing from 1777 and Mindy Belloff’s recreation in 2009. They all set type and received copies of their text in letterpress, while Mindy also consulted with their Dad on setting up a hobby press for the kids and a serious letterpress shop for his own business venture.



Our first wedding invitation of 2013, Ian designed his and his sweetheart’s initials to have the look and feel of wood type, printed in red, underneath a bold black contemporary design. Mindy had fun consulting with the couple and printing both runs on press. They look great!





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